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Updated 23-9-2010

You must use these converting files to update with the latest S/W

AliE( 5300 6300 7100 7300USB)to convert for V6

Convert from V6 to Original Menu

After these two menu you can load the updated S/W. one file for both menu.

Original menu after converting with this file will have the new options and it's not the same as old Zeta

Below you can find and channel's list file that can be updated by USB

and a S/W file with channels:

Channel's file

The file is from the internet not made by us.

S/W converter plus channels V6

We'll explain the new option after the conversion method.

Let's start by how easy to change you STB to this Menu S/W.

Note if the product is new and never been updated, Please update with any S/W dated 2010.

Please follow the pictures step by step and see how easy it is:



Now the system will reboot and the new menu will show up as below: